Creating Progress and
Possibilities™, Together

Creating Progress and
Possibilities™, Together

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One-On-One Autism Therapy Services For Kids

At Bierman Autism Centers, we approach Autism therapy from a belief that every child and their Autism diagnosis is unique. Our therapy services adjust to meet your child’s specific needs, and the success outcomes we create for them are personalized.

Our Autism Therapy Services

Bierman Autism Centers is an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) clinic focusing on early intervention. We design custom therapy programs for children 18 months to 9 years old to help them develop the foundational skills they need to communicate, self-advocate, and succeed on their terms. Our specific Autism services include:

• ABA Services

• Diagnostic Services

• Speech Therapy


• Occupational Therapy

*Not all services are available at every location. Please contact us for service availability at the location you’re interested in.

How Our Therapy Plans work

Bierman’s Autism therapy services are billed directly to your insurance provider. If there are discounts or out-of-pocket expenses, you will know beforehand.

Your child’s plan will be custom-designed, and every session will support skill acquisition, daily achievement, and long-term learning success. Using fun and engaging approaches, our experts will work with your child until their specific success outcomes are achieved. Most children stay with Bierman for two years before graduating.

Our Early Intervention Services

Our Early Intervention Services

Empower Your Child For the Rest of Their Life

Research supports starting Autism treatment as early as possible because of the high rate of brain development between the ages of two to nine. Paired with this development, focused treatment can build a foundation for learning and behavior that follows through for the rest of your child’s life.

Bierman is proud to offer Autism-diagnosed children with the personalized care they need to be more than their diagnosis. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help your child thrive.

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